I tried a volcano hit with my friends

My friends and I were out on Thursday evening and every one of us met up with a couple of ladies. They invited us to go back to their apartment. There were a couple of other women there already. There was a group of people in the vehicle and my friends and I were up for some fun, so every one of us said that every one of us would go back to the house with them. There were lights on at the apartment and there were people hanging out on the porch and on the balcony. I am surprised that no a single had called the cops, but in this neighborhood the college youngsters get to do whatever they want, however my friends and I worked our way through the celebration saying hello to all of the guests. All of us grabbed a couple of beers and headed out to the back section where the ladies were hanging out. They were smoking recreational marijuana out of a genuinely strange machine. My buddy told me that the unit was called a volcano. I did not suppose anything about the unit at the time, however I was about to find out actually abruptly how well the volcano works. The unit is a marijuana vaporizer. It turns flower into marijuana vapor and that vapor can be inhaled. The volcano fills a big bin with all of the vapor and it’s a lot to inhale at a single time. I could not inhale all of the marijuana smoke, but my buddy took a large hit, both of us were pretty high on recreational marijuana products when every one of us left that celebration to head back to our own dorm room.


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