The driver got stuck at the bottom of the hill

My bestie plus I smoke marijuana all of the time.

The two of us started smoking marijuana when both of us were in college. It was a good way to relax after midterms plus finals. Then I had a terrible vehicle accident plus I was left in the hospital for weeks. After that, my knees regularly ached plus I had terrible back pains. The nurse prescribed more than two odd pain relievers plus I was using them more frequently than I needed. I developed an addiction to painkillers. I needed to stop taking them after I wound up in jail for thirty mornings. I consulted with my nurse plus he advocated using medical marijuana. Since I was already familiar with marijuana, I thought it might be a wonderful idea. Since then, the last several years have been drug free. I only use the plant to help with the pain. My bestie plus I order our supplies from a dispensary at the edge of town. The arena has the best prices on supplies plus they don’t charge taxes if you are a medical patient, then last Monday, my bestie plus I ordered some items from the dispensary. The driver left the store at 8:15, but he still hadn’t arrived by ten. The two of us only live a few miles from the shop. I was getting ready to call the director of the store when the driver knocked on the door. He was stuck at the bottom of the hill. Someone ran him off the road plus his vehicle was stuck in a ditch at the end of the hill. He tried to call for help, but his PC was smashed in the collision.
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