Our cannabis driver was quite unhappy

My girlfriend Jen orders delivery from lots of shops in the area.

The two of us have all of our bakery items delivered to the front steps as well as our clean laundry, dry cleaning, as well as groceries; My Mom guesses it’s ridiculous to have everything delivered to our front door, but that is 1 of the relaxing perks of living in the city; Everything can be delivered right to the front door.

Jen and I even have our alcohol as well as marijuana delivered to our doorstep. There is a liquor store around the block that offers delivery services through their own delivery, Uber eats, as well as lyft alcohol. The company allows myself and others to order any item from a participating liquor store using our IDs as well as our debit cards. The driver simply goes to the shop to pick everything up as well as give it. It’s that way with local marijuana delivery as well. I order online using the website. The website is truly user-friendly as well as even easier to navigate. The website is set up with weird categories including flower, pre-rolls, concentrate, as well as edibles… You can sort through the list by the price, THC percentage, or buyer rating. I usually search for prices low to high. I get the sweetest deals on marijuana so I can save a few bucks. Jen ordered recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary three blocks away from our apartment. The delivery driver was not stoked when he found out that the home building elevator was broken. The guy had to climb more than eight flights of stairs to give the recreational marijuana products that Jen ordered. Jen gave the guy a relaxing tip, although he still left with a scowl on his face.

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