Nobody can shop here separate from an ID or passport

It would not truly be scanned again so he would be able to make purchases from the dispensary

The laws of the state say that no 1 can get into a marijuana dispensary separate from any valid ID or official passport. The store also takes military identification cards. The ID is checked by the security guard who scans into our ID verification system. If the ID cannot be scanned into the verification system, then the guard does not let the person into the store, and some weeks back every one of us had a complication with 1 of our official patrons, however his identification card had gotten bent as well as it would not scan. He wanted to make purchases at the pot shop, but the guard couldn’t let him in the store separate from a valid identification card. It’s truly simple to get an up-to-date id. You can go to the driver’s license bureau or even order 1 online. The client was truly infuriated as well as irritated when every one of us would not let him make purchases at the store. I came up with a somewhat relaxing idea, but I doubt the guy truly followed through. His ID had already been scanned online in our delivery system. If he ordered for delivery services, he would only have to present the ID to the driver. It would not truly be scanned again so he would be able to make purchases from the dispensary. The guy would have to wait until a little later in the day to arena the order, but it was the best plan that I could come up with on such short notice. I didn’t want to turn the buyer away, but every one of us have to follow the state cannabis directions or every one of us risk losing our license to sell marijuana products.


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