I forgot all about the marijuana I put in our backpack

My girlfriend Bess went on a getaway with me.

Every one of us had a lot of fun while every one of us were visiting the city.

Bess and I went on all of the weird tourist attractions as well as every one of us spent extra currency on fine food as well as entertainment. The two of us were in a state with legalized recreational as well as medical marijuana products, so Bess and I thought it could be a lot of fun to buy recreational marijuana products. Bess looked online for a marijuana dispensary near us. Bess also looked for a marijuana dispensary that had the best price on the products that Bess and I wanted to buy. I wanted to get a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints as well as Bess wanted to get some edibles. The two of us found a marijuana shop near us with the cheapest prices. The two of us were going to order delivery, but I truly wanted to see what the interior of a recreational marijuana store looked like. It was a truly neat as well as interesting experience to go to the dispensary. It looked care about a retail store inside. There were marijuana products all over the arena for us to see. Bess and I were not allowed to touch the marijuana products, but every one of us could ask as many questions as Bess and I wanted as well as the budtender even gave to open up packages if every one of us wanted to see what their products looked care about inside. It was an attractive full shopping experience, but like a dummy I forgot about 1 of the marijuana pre-rolls in our backpack as well as I got into some trouble at the airport. Thankfully they didn’t do anything except confiscate the marijuana, but I would have been in a whole lot of trouble if the airport in our home state had found the marijuana instead.


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