My only sibling got sent to jail for weed

My parents always wanted to have a bevvy of children, but they only had our sibling Ed as well as i.

My mom had 3 miscarriages after I was born so our parents decided to stop after many kids.

My sibling Ed is four years older than I am. Ed was always getting into trouble when every one of us were kids. Ed hung out with the wrong group of kids as well as did drugs as well as smoked marijuana. Marijuana is a product that is illegal in this state, so Ed took the opportunity every time he purchased marijuana products from a street dealer. One time Ed purchased recreational marijuana products from a guy that was an undercover cop. My sibling was buying 2 oz of marijuana. The cops busted Ed for possession with intent to distribute, even though the marijuana was only for our sibling’s personal use. Ed got three years in prison for having those 2 oz of marijuana. It didn’t help that Ed already had a juvenile record for vandalism as well as petty theft. I guess the Judge looked at Ed as well as saw a troublemaker. I write to Ed once every month as well as I tell him everything that is going on in the home as well as outside. Ed will get out in about 6 months as well as then he is going to transport anywhere to a arena where using recreational marijuana is legal. I do not blame Ed for wanting to transport away from this redneck green state, but I will honestly miss Ed when he moves. I guess about going with him, but I can’t leave our mom as well as dad behind.

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