Nobody can enter the marijuana shop without an ID or passport

The laws in this state are strict. They say that no 1 can get into a marijuana dispensary without any valid ID or passport. All of us also take military ID cards. The ID cards are diagnosed by our security guard and then scanned into the state verification system. If the ID cannot be scanned into the state verification system, after that I cannot let the person into the store. Hardly any of weeks ago the people I was with and I had an issue with a single of our proper clients. His identification card was bent and it would not scan. He needed to make purchases at the pot shop, however the people I was with and I could not allow him in the store without a valid identification card. It’s honestly easy to get a modern id. You can walk to the driver’s license bureau or even order a single online. The guy was feeling distraught and miserable when the people I was with and I would not let him make cannabis purchases at the store. I came up with a superb idea, but I doubt the guy honestly followed through with it. His ID was already scanned online in our delivery system. If he ordered for marijuana delivery services, he would only have to present his ID to the driver. It would not have to be scanned another time so in this way he would be able to make purchases from the dispensary. The guy would have to wait until later on in the afternoon to arena the order, however it was the best method that I could come up with on short notice. I really did not want to turn the shopper away, however the people I was with and I have to follow the state guidelines or the people I was with and I risk losing our license to sell marijuana products.

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