RSO syringes for making cannabis edibles

RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is a supreme oil that comes directly from live cannabis plants.

RSO is honestly a single of the most versatile products available for sale at the marijuana dispensary.

RSO contains terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and many other compounds found inside of the cannabis plant. The process takes a long time to extract all the RSO from the marijuana plant, so it can be a little bit more expensive than other tinctures or marijuana oil products. It contains a sizable amount of plant matter, so the product is genuinely dark in color. RSO was created by a dude named Rick Simpson who got cancer. He swore that the cannabis oil made him cancer free. There are lots of benefits from using RSO. It has a high concentration of THC with genuinely long lasting effects. RSO syringes make the most fantastic edibles you will ever taste. The product is already decarboxylated and ready for use. It does not require any extra Heat to activate. I frequently use RSO syringes to make edibles at home. I put RSO in baked goods like cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and cookies. I even put RSO inside cannabis candies, chocolate, drinks and gummies. I dose myself with RSO edibles every single afternoon. It helps with the chronic aches I have in my back and I believe it helps with immune support as well. Since I started to use the RSO product everyday, I have not had nearly as many flu symptom attacks as I did in the past. My back pains are also getting much better. I can walk about a mile if I use RSO edibles in the day before I go for my normal walk.


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