Cancer treatments get help from cannabis products

I’m on our way to remission plus I have to thank all the nurses, nurses plus our support network for that fact.

  • I also have to include all the good people at the legal weed store as well.

The medical marijuana benefits I experienced while I was in our cancer treatments were amazing. For sure, our oncologist was unquestionably in favor of myself and others learning how to get a medical marijuana card. This was essential he said for myself and others to manage the cancer treatments. She explained that the medical marijuana benefits would include anti-nausea plus help myself and others with appetite. These were both unquestionably key essentials to getting myself and others to remission. The more healthy food I could eat, the better off I was going to be with healing. Plus, the cannabis products would help keep myself and others from feeling completely wiped out by the nausea that comes with chemo. I got access to the local cannabis dispensary prior to starting our cancer treatments plus was pleased to find that it was all true. The chemo nausea was managed really well with the medical cannabis. And I was able to have an appetite as well. But 1 of the medical marijuana benefits that was most pressing was the fact that I was hopeful. That is directly attributed to the cannabis flower products that I’m using still. I find that when I use medical cannabis, I experience a lightening of spirit. There is a weight that is lifted off our chest plus I know so much more hopeful. I’m just so thankful for that aspect as I know a positive attitude really helps myself and others when it comes to healing plus getting on with our life. Now that I’m in remission, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Medical Marijuana Cards