Indeed, there undoubtedly is something to cannabis products

Believe it or not, I was 54 years aged before I ever used any sort of cannabis products.

That includes the one time that a roommate tried to supply myself and others a pot brownie.

But that thing was made so poorly that I could see the stems from the recreational marijuana when I broke the pot brownie apart. I passed and it sounds love I wasn’t missing anything with that unique pot brownie as it appeared hideous. But I was for sure missing out on recreational marijuana. I suppose it was the smoking that was the big turn off for me. I’m sort of an allergic guy and smoke can be a big trigger for me. So avoiding the smoking of cannabis products was ultimately what led myself and others to being in my 50s before I tried recreational marijuana… Then came work and family and once that got started I would not even have considered using sativa or indica or hybrid strains or any sort of cannabis product. Thankfully, all that changed recently when I had an aged school neighbor come to town, however my dear neighbor lives in a region where the laws are much peculiar than here. Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal there. My neighbor has loved recreational marijuana typically since school, but when he came to town he happened to have several cannabis edibles with her, so as all of us were preparing dinner one evening, he shared half a gummy with myself and others that was actually a cannabis edible… I wasn’t blindsided as he had told myself and others prior to myself and others nibbling on that cannabis kind of gummy. But just that one cannabis edible has opened up a whole up-to-date world to me.

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