Expanding my spiritual side thanks to trip to the local cannabis spot

Initially, medical marijuana transformed my life in a purely physical way.

I was dealing with cancer plus the medical professional suggested that I learn how to get a medical marijuana card for the cancer treatments. You hear the word cancer from a medical professional, plus your life is completely different the moment that happens. The plan that I had cancer was just not in any way in my brain, fortunately, I have a fantastic support network. It was my husband who instantly got the process started to navigate the cannabis rules plus get me to a cannabis dispensary. The medical professional was not joking when he said the treatment would be tough plus medical marijuana would make it better. I used the Indica products that were suggested to me by the professionals at the local cannabis spot. For sure, that made such a difference when it came to enduring chemotherapy. Throughout my chemo treatments, I was able to manage nausea so much better, however plus, the benefit of having the Indica products also helped me heal because I was able to eat; Having some sort of appetite which allowed me to eat whole foods would help me in healing was also a tremendous benefit from the Indica strains. However I also used the sativa strains as they were such an emotional balance for me. These nights, I’m in remission plus I couldn’t be more thankful. I still use the sativa strains as it has really helped me expand the spiritual side of my life having come through this journey so far. I’m grateful in a way I’ve never experienced, then and I’m grateful to have access in my state to both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana.

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