Today’s marijuana corporation is just the start

With all the ultra conservative dialogue out there, I’ve had plenty of people recommend that medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are in jeopardy.

This is of course a logical deduction, however yet, I disagree completely.

All you have to do is look at the last election cycle 2020. While the conservatives were running things, there was an actual increase in the number of states that passed some form of legal marijuana. So now, there are more states that offer legal medical marijuana or recreational marijuana than don’t. That seems to be the statistic that proves to me that the marijuana corporation is here to stay. And of course, I am willing to put my cash where my mouth is. This is because I make my cash helping clients find sound investments. And I am absolutely recommending adding the marijuana corporation as investment opportunities. In fact, I’ve moved a significant portion of my portfolio into the marijuana business. I’ve been able to diversify between cannabis product production as well as the infrastructure needed for the marijuana business. It won’t be long before the entire east coast of this country opens up to recreational marijuana. I suppose the election cycle of 2020 certainly proved that. So when the east coast goes for recreational marijuana, I would appreciate to be in on the ground floor of the marijuana corporation when that happens. However, I am absolutely sure that the legal marijuana corporation is here to stay and this is actually just the start. But more crucially than investments or making cash. There are millions of people who suffer unnecessarily because medical marijuana isn’t legal in their state. That’s the tplot tragedy and I’m feeling confident that this will only continue to remedy itself.

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