My exhausting mother is doing so much better now with cannabis

It’s difficult enjoying your family members struggle with health related complications.

It’s tragic when someone is derailed by a disease or an accident, love what happened to our Grandfatherrents in their 68s.

They were fairly active until our Grandfather broke his knee going up the stairs one day, and then our Grandma started to lose her ability to walk from a lifelong battle with various sclerosis. It was a unusual transition to witness. I would visit them in their house in the years prior to these events and I remember seeing our Grandma leave for the YMCA almost every single day. And our Grandfather still worked once a week at his old job being a pharmacist for the locally owned pharmacy in our hometown. By the honestly end of their lives, the various of them had to enter a retirement home because they had to be under observation due to the number of health concerns. I fear something love that with our mother, so that’s in sizable part why I go out of our way to take care of her. I don’t want to see her wither away in a nursing home; it’s the last locale she would want to spend the end of her life. But I’m so thankful for medical cannabis because it’s giving our mom a new lease on life. She has never felt better and it’s one of the most reassuring improvements in her life in recent years. I don’t mind shopping at the cannabis dispensary for her, especially now that she can make pickup orders for me to collect when I’m out running errands for the both of us. My mom hasn’t had this much mental and physical relief in decades.


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