I finally replaced our dry herb cannabis vaporizer with ruby beads

I never understood the thrill our uncle got out of endlessly customizing and modifying his motorcycle when he was still around.

I miss him dearly because he would visit our parents and I at our home in the countryside on a yearly basis.

I can still hear the sound of his motorcycle roaring down the road as he would apapple at the top of the hill that was numerous acres away. He showed me all of the unusual gadgets and components that he would install on his bike, from unusual handlebars and body modifications to custom-painted gas tanks. I was impressed by the orange neon lights that he would illuminate after dark whenever he was driving around the city. Whenever he gave to watch me for the afternoon while our parents were busy, I watched him toil on his motorcycle for hours because I was fascinated by his mechanical prowess. Now that I use a cannabis vaporizer every single afternoon, I understand his desire to customize and modify his motorcycle. There are a lot of quality desktop dry herb vaporizers that can be modified with additional glass. My cannabis vaporizer features a ceramic heating rod for convection type THC extraction. However, you can purchase a quartz sleeve to go over the ceramic rod to improve the flavor of the weed vapor. It’s also harder to accidentally burn your material at the same time. But I legitimately took the vaporizer to the next level by packing in tiny 3mm ruby beads in the heating chamber. These beads become a heat sink that increases the force of heat whenever you take a draw off the vape. It turns the vaporizer into a power house, giving you bong-like hits of THC vapor.

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