CBD oil is the best medicine for sciatic pain

I shredded the sciatic nerve in my left leg around the age of twenty.

I remember bending over to lift up a single of my dogs as well as the pain that shot through my leg as well as into my lower back was unbelievably intense.

I had to put the dog down then I collapsed onto the floor afterward. I remember kneeling on the floor of the back room that night as well as wondering if I’d be able to get on my feet again without needing to call a doctor. It was some of the most harsh pain I had felt in my life up to that point. Thankfully I was able to get some rest after kneeling straight on my back for roughly 40 minutes. But after that point, I had chronic pain in the base of my back on the left side going down my left leg into my left foot and toes. I made an appointment with my general physician as well as he told me that I must have shredded my sciatic nerve on the left side. Beyond the injury itself, I had been using a heavy messenger tote at college with lots of weight, as well as it was almost constantly hanging off of my left shoulder. I started consuming acetaminophen heavily at that point, however you have to be very careful about liver toxicity, especially if you drink alcohol as well. I’m thrilled that I can start taking CBD along with acetaminophen to combat the chronic pain I have in my sciatica. It’s debilitating some afternoons while other afternoons it isn’t nearly as bad. I have used CBD oils that you consume orally as well as CBD skin patches as well as skin creams that I can apply directly above the base of my back on the left side.

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