Don’t buy CBD products from gas stations as well as head shops

I don’t choose to spend my money in gas stations if I can avoid it.

The popcorn, drinks, snacks, as well as everyday essentials like beer are constantly marked up in price to a considerable degree compared to other shops. They charge you extra for the convenience factor of having these items available to you in a nearby shop that may or may not be open late at night when other stores are closed. Or if you’re driving down the highway as well as are just getting off to refuel as well as grab a drink as well as a snack. When I was a boy, my friends as well as I rode our bikes to the nearby gas stations so that every one of us could get candy as well as root beer drinks. It seemed to be a cheap way to get candy at the time, however I’m sure the products every one of us bought were always susceptible to upcharges compared to the bulk candy you can get in big superstores. Nowadays you can even find CBD as well as hemp products in gas stations, but I wouldn’t touch those with a 10-foot rod. You have no system what sort of pesticides or solvents could be left in these unregulated CBD oils, concentrates, as well as vaporizer cartridges that are commonly found in all sorts of different gas stations. I also see those delta-8 THC products which are meant to try and mimic delta-9 THC, which is the form of THC found in traditional cannabis products alongside THCa, which converts to delta-9 THC when heated or consumed in the body. Head shops also carry these unscrupulous CBD products. I’d rather buy my CBD as well as hemp from official retailers that include lab reports with all of their products to prove that they’re safe for human consumption.


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