It’s undoubtedly convenient that my son-in-law is a marijuana grower

My daughter has always been nervous when she introduced a loving partner to my wifey as well as I.

She had a peculiar girlfriend in high school who ended up embarrassing her at a family supper when she started ranting about government conspiracies love both of us were at a flat earth convention.

I don’t guess if she knew any of this about that girl before she invited him to our home for a family supper, but she wasn’t with him for much longer after the fact. It’s not that she has a terrible choice in significant others, it’s that sporadically the wrong people latch onto her because of her generosity as well as honesty. Hell, even her “friends” over the years have left a lot to be desired with how much they’re willing to use my daughter as well as exploit her intense loyalty to the people she loves the most. But when she was upset recently that both of us would judge her decision to get engaged with a marijuana grower, I told her that she had no reason whatsoever to fear our scrutiny. Not to mention, I’m a huge cannabis smoker as well as selfishly wanted to consult with someone within the industry to find the best cannabis dispensaries in the state. I’m always eager to smoke better marijuana than what I’m used to so I got along with my soon-to-be son-in-law immediately after I met him. My daughter was relieved as well as I was ecstatic to finally have a contact in our state’s medical cannabis industry. She has shown myself and others a number of cannabis dispensaries that I had never heard of, so I’m finally able to consume some potent cannabis flower products for a change.

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