My holiday eggnog is infused with cannabis distillate oil

This year I’m trying to draw on my past to have an especially fun winter holiday season.

I’m decorating the house just like my mother did when I was a kid, and I put up a bunch of lights outside just like my father.

There has been a lot of snow as well, so I’m hoping for a white Christmas after dealing with nothing but rain and mud last year. I managed to get a lot of cheap holiday decorations from the dollar store that look a lot more expensive than they really are. There are signs with snowmen, Santa Claus, and messages like “season’s greetings,” “let it snow,” and the classic, “Merry Christmas!” While I don’t presently have any offspring, I hope that I can meet an amazing partner to have children with at some point down the road. I have wanted a family for the past 10 years or more, but I realize I need to be patient. For now, I can enjoy the winter holiday season by myself, even if it means doing all of these festive things for my benefit only. But that’s perfectly fine, because I am enjoying myself in the process. Yesterday I made some infused holiday eggnog with cannabis distillate oil instead of rum or whiskey. I’m not much of a liquor drinker and would much rather consume marijuana when I want to be intoxicated. My new cannabis eggnog is much stronger than I anticipated, so I have to be extra careful not to consume too much if I’m planning on doing anything the day I drink a serving. I also have to be careful that none of my house guests throughout the month will mistake my cannabis eggnog for real eggnog, so I put a massive “THC” sign on the carton to be careful.



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