I wish that the people I was with and I could grow cannabis for personal use in our state

My biweekly cannabis use has been an lavish part of our life for a full decade now. It started when I entered school and realized the plant was harshly effective for treating our chronic anxiety. More so, I didn’t even realize that I had such a awful anxiety problem until I noticed how much I changed whenever I was under the influence of cannabis. As helpful as it was back then, I honestly shouldn’t have used it so much while in the times when I needed to be in class. There were instances where I struggled to pay attention enough in class if I smoked right before leaving our dorm room. The worst part has consistently been the expense. Although I can get thirds of cannabis for as little $30 at certain cannabis dispensaries, back then it was consistently somewhere between $50 and $65. That’s a lot of currency to be dropping on marijuana as a school student. As little as I currently pay by contrast, I still don’t want to be spending so much currency on cannabis every week. If I could, I would grow weed and only consume what’s in our garden. It’s frustrating that our state legislature made it so the people I was with and I cannot even grow for personal use. I can’t even imagine the logic behind this, aside from making rich donors who own these marijuana companies ecstatic. If people could grow their own weed, that would split down the amount of sales on a day to day basis in a noticeable way. Still, the fact that personal cannabis growing is so widespread in other states with legal cannabis makes this rule all the more frustrating.


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