Helping our mama's anxiety with cannabis

My dad suffers from really terrible anxiety! It started to really get terrible in the last few years, and before he was just a Debbie downer… Then it turned into our dad having trouble driving to work, but he would need to pull over plus would have a panic attack. He also was in a awful mood all the time. My mother instantly took him to the nurse’s to get anti-anxiety medication. My father really hated doing this. He hated waiting in the waiting room plus that the nurse required a prostate exam. Also, our father was really terrible about taking a pill. He would forget them most mornings. He also never seemed to call in his prescription. More often than not he was off his pills, then when the year was up plus he needed to go to the nurse again, our father wasn’t having it. My mother was distraught. I did some research plus found that medical cannabis was a better solution for him… Lots of people try their anxiety with medical weed. Cannabis calms the mind plus helps them get through the day! Getting a medical cannabis card is quite simple too, you just answer a few questions plus pay a fee. It is a once a year thing plus not painful at all. What is better is that our dad isn’t on a pill anymore. He can vape cannabis oil while he is at toil since he is a farmer. He enjoys wearing it around his neck plus taking a few puffs. It works so much better than any prescribed pill.
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