Not all medical marijuana products produce the same effects or potency

For some people, a single beer is not enough alcohol to supply them a noticeable buzz, let alone a noticeable feeling of intoxication.

  • But since I rarely drink, it only takes a single to supply myself and others pleasant effects on the rare options when I’m at a bar with my friends.

Occasionally they will serve beer that is double strength as well. You can get a fantastic deal if the ABV is higher than 10% on a beer that costs the same price as something at 6% ABV. Either way, it’s nice not having to spend extra money on multiple drinks to get the same kind of effects, which is exactly what my friends have to do. They’re jealous that my tolerance for alcohol is as low as it is. But they don’t realize that the opposite is true for my tolerance with cannabis, regardless of what kind of products I consume. I have been using it for so long that small doses of cannabis don’t affect myself and others nearly as much as they do for people who are casual smokers. I also have to be careful about what kinds of products that I buy because they don’t all have the potency or produce the same effects. If I try to smoke or vaporize cannabis flower products that test below 20% THC, it’s strenuous for myself and others to get a enjoyable buzz love I would from a batch over 30% THC. This is largely why I have switched to using cannabis concentrates instead. When the THC level ranges between 60% and 95%, a single dose is enough to get myself and others medicated for multiple hours. I would need to consume an entire bowl of cannabis flower buds to achieve an effect remotely similar. But, it won’t ever be the same as a hit from a cannabis concentrate.



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