Pet CBD for our super angry cat

My dog is extremely aggressive.

I rescued him literally off the streets. He was prowling around looking for handouts. I started out just petting him. Then we graduated into feeding, him sleeping on our bed plus then getting flea treatment. When I moved an fourth into the country, he came with me. He is our dog plus he enjoys being owned. He is so fat plus his coat is just beautiful. My dog is extremely mean though. I notice that anytime another dog comes onto the property, he beats them up. He occasionally runs across the street to beat up the other acquaintance cats that aren’t doing anything. I also notice that particular sounds stress him out. He hates the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C turning on, aluminum foil searing plus cooking spray being squirted. I have done some research plus some people use pet CBD products. This is supposed to mellow their creatures out. I don’t mind if our dog defends his territory. I just don’t want him beating up the acquaintance cats. I also want him to be at ease inside plus outside of the home. I am thankful that our state is a medical weed plus recreational cannabis state. I am able to pop into the cannabis dispensary plus grab pet CBD products if I want, then right now I haven’t dosed our cat. It seems fairly harmless however I want to be sure before I give our dog a CBD treat. It could turn out to be a really enjoyable thing for him. I would love him to chill out for a bit.

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