Making a choice dispensary software

I felt genuinely bad however I had to tell the guy all of that stuff was beyond our capability

I ended up taking over a former university professor’s dispensary, then i knew him years ago in school in addition to we became friends over our mutual love of cannabis. He left the campus to become a dispensary owner. I dabbled in cannabis growing, working in dispensaries in addition to getting more cannabis education! When our former professor decided he wanted to retire, he called me up. I got offered the task of being his manager at the dispensary. I figured it would be simple. I know cannabis in addition to I have managed people before. I didn’t realize that he was genuinely into it with software, then there was payroll software, time management software in addition to employee tracking software. There was human resource software in addition to a 401K program for the dispensary. I was supposed to know how to run all of these programs in addition to gather the data. Well I might know our cannabis however I am not genuinely savvy technology related. I provided it the old university try though. I talked to the cannabis software contractor that set everything up too. I genuinely did try our best to understand everything. It was a scrub though. I felt so stupid in addition to relaly old, but my university professor was older than me in addition to handling it. I could not though. I felt genuinely bad however I had to tell the guy all of that stuff was beyond our capability. I ended up just being a normal budtender for him while someone else managed the store. It killed me to say no to all that money becasue I was too stupid to figure out dispensary software.

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