Friend run dispensary

My cannabis dispensary is a family run business, but everyone in our family is involved somehow; My grower is absolutely our older sister.

She makes everything fresh, cures & cuts right at her home, then i then get the best quality cannabis & know where it comes from.

My sibling is the one that handles all the labeling, packing & shipping if need be. My dad drives the truck for cannabis delivery on the weekends. My mother is at our on location bakery & makes the most delicious edibles. I am the manager of the store that handles the day in & day out work. Anyone who lives in our town knows we are a family run store. I didn’t realize what a hit that factor would be with tourists. I started looking at asites to advertise our business. I talked to an SEO marketing team & they recommended a new web design that clearly tells that our whole family is involved, then they did a whole page showcasing each family member & saying what we do. There are even videos on the website of us all at work. I absolutely didn’t suppose anyone would care. Turns out a lot of people appreciate the family run aspect. I have gotten quite a bit of tourism added to the store. Those customers always want to talk about our family & how everything got started. It was a absolutely fantastic method by the internet marketing team to make it known we are family run & operated; Sales have never been better.

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