While you’re at the cannabis dispensary, pick something up for me.

I was on my way to the cannabis dispensary when I saw a friend of mine, he said he was coming over to see myself and others plus wanted to think where I was going… I told his I was on my way to the marijuana dispensary.

She said both of us didn’t have legal recreational marijuana in our state, plus I shrugged.

I had a legal medical marijuana card for 2 years. I didn’t think I had to tell his about it. She pulled out his purse plus asked myself and others to pick something up for his while I was there. It was illegal to buy marijuana for someone else! They considered this selling, plus without a license to sell marijuana, I could be arrested, fined, and/or jailed. I refused his money plus told his if he wanted marijuana, he could get a medical marijuana card, or find a street seller. I would not go to jail for her. She told myself and others that was a friendly response, however if he was my real friend, he wouldn’t have asked myself and others to buy marijuana for her. She walked away from me, although I was sure he would come back plus claim my friendship the next time he needed a favor. I wasn’t sure I wanted a friend who would get aggravated because I didn’t want to do something illegal, plus maybe I’m better off without her. Two weeks later, he called myself and others plus said he could now go to the marijuana dispensary without me. She had just signed up to get his medical marijuana card, plus soon he could get marijuana without my help. I don’t think if he ever got his card, although I didn’t want to speak to his again.

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