Cannabis indicas for sale at dispensary

About more than 2 weeks ago, on a trip to the dispensary, I discovered cannabis clones… This was an very new option for me; Cannabis clones are two plants that are exact genetic copies of each other.

Creating cannabis clones is a rather complex process… It starts with a small branch cut from a plant in the vegetative state.

The bottom of the branch is sliced at a 45-degree angle to maximize surface area. The cut-edge is then dipped in a cloning solution plus sited into a rock wool cube. The clone needs to be kept under a humidity tray until the root plan grows beyond the bottom of the cube. It’s then ready to be transplanted to a larger pot. I’ve tried creating clones with mixed success. The benefit of a clone rather than germinating a seed is that I guess exactly what I’m getting. The clone is a replica of the parent plant. A clone from a favorite strain will produce flowers that I can enjoy plus share with friends, plus, the clone starts with already developed leaves plus a vascular system, which means it will mature approximately two weeks ahead of a seed. I guess that if I buy a clone of a female plant, I will raise a female plant. They are also hardier plus less temperamental than seeds. I was cheerful to find a fantastic selection of clones for sale at the dispensary. I bought a couple, got them started, plus they are doing well. It takes about more than 2 to more than 2 weeks for the clones to become a mature cannabis plant plus ready to produce. Ideally, they should grow to two to 3 feet tall.

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