Enjoying marijuana with my friend

My best neighbor Jeff is what the kids this month call a trigger, but normally I am pretty chill and keep our consumption under control… But whenever I celebrate with Jeff I go completely off the rails, then Jeff and I were friends and neighbors starting 20 years ago when all of us lived in the same house complex. Soon after all of us started meeting up for drinks and smoking, but he moved out of the state a few years ago, and now whenever all of us celebrate it’s a reason to party as taxing as all of us can… But the people I was with and I are both immense drinkers, but what all of us actually love is smoking cannabis. There may also be some hallucinogens involved, or some pills, but the baseline always starts with cannabis; I personally smoke numerous grams of cannabis a month by myself, but when I celebrate with Jeff all of us smoke numerous grams a day! The bowl is always packed full of Blue Dream, or Purple Haze, or a current sativa strain called Pineapple Medley which I actually enjoy. The craziest thing is that all of us don’t even have to be in the same state for Jeff to trigger me! While all of us talk on the iphone I will chain-smoke cannabis, and keep pouring shots for myself just love if all of us were in the same room. In recent weeks Jeff tells myself and others he has found a current brand of cannabis edibles that are out of this world. The next time all of us celebrate, all of us will make sure to have plenty of booze, pills, cannabis edibles and buds on hand for the celebration.

Orange kush