There isn’t local cannabis around here that isn’t black market

This is a true story that happened about twenty years ago… You have to simply keep in mind that era, where not everyone had a cell cellphone, and there was no such thing as a legal cannabis dispensary in this part of the country… However, this is called the Bible Belt for a reason, it’s the kind of place where it is illegal to sell liquor on a Thursday; however, even when weed started being legalized in other parts of the USA, it was a distant dream in my lake house state… When my pals and I needed to buy cannabis, the people I was with and I had to program an immense road trip, and head down to the coast.

This was about numerous hours away, so it was an immense commitment of time and gas currency just to find a place to purchase cannabis.

To make it worth our while the people I was with and I would save up, and then pool our currency to buy the maximum amount of cannabis the people I was with and I could afford, and if you’ve ever purchased marijuana before you believe that it gets cheaper if you buy in quantity. When the people I was with and I put all of our currency together with the people I was with and I could get up to a pound of cannabis. The only risky part of this process was having to drive to the lake house for numerous hours with a felony amount of cannabis in the car! At that time, any cop who found you with a pound of marijuana would lock you up for being a drug dealer. Thankfully the people I was with and I never got busted, and over the years the people I was with and I made more than a dozen consecutive road trips to buy cannabis.


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