The delivery service took forever to bing our stuff

I just ordered some products from our marijuana delivery service near my house.

I spent half of the work day looking through the site as well as adding stuff to the cart… Every time I had free time at work, I went on the marijuana delivery service website looking at the items that were available! When I finally finished adding everything I wanted to the cart, the total was over 300 bucks.

I spent enough money to qualify for free delivery. I ordered for delivery the next day, because I didn’t have to work so I was going to be at the apartment all day. I acquired an text confirmation from the dispensary, then all of the products I had ordered were listed, including the marijuana flower, distillate, as well as concentrates. Near the bottom of the text, there was a note letting me suppose that the delivery service would call me the next day to set up delivery for the morning. The next morning, I waited as well as waited to get a call from the marijuana delivery service, but unfortunately, I never acquired a text or a iPhone call. I finally called the marijuana delivery service at 11:00 in the morning. They did not have a written record of our order in the system. I had to give them the order code number as well as our name as well as address before they could locate my order. The budtender as well as supervisor of the marijuana dispensary both apologized for the confusion. She did not suppose how the order was missed, but he sent it out of the dispensary with the legitimately next available delivery driver. After I contacted the shop, I had our items in less than 45 minutes.


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