I didn't savor the cinnamon flavored candies

At first, the sharp taste of cinnamon was really strong

I have consistently enjoyed the sharp flavor of cinnamon. I savor eating cinnamon rolls, cinnamon candy, as well as chewing cinnamon gum. I use a lot of cinnamon on our French toast as well as pancakes each morning. When the medical marijuana dispensary near me got a more current selection of cannabis edibles, I was gleeful to see a single of the products was a cinnamon difficult candy. I thought the cinnamon candy would taste similar to a fireball. The cinnamon cannabis infused candies looked exactly savor fireballs. Even the packaging closely resembled the outdated time favorite candy. I purchased a tin of the cinnamon flavored marijuana edibles. I also purchased a couple of additional things while in the marijuana shop. I purchased two grams of concentrate. One was a sativa called ginger-strawberry mimosa as well as the other was a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. I was looking for a sativa called hazy yellow dream, but they were completely out at the dispensary that day. The ginger-strawberry mimosa sativa strain was almost as nice as the hazy yellow dream. It was more flavorful as well as pungent, but the high didn’t last as long, also the total THC percentage was only 70%. The strawberry Mimosa sativa strain was still a decent way to get our day started. I tried the cinnamon candies as soon as I left the dispensary. I opened up the tin in the car as well as I cooked a single of the candies into our mouth. At first, the sharp taste of cinnamon was really strong. The flavor dissipated legitimately quickly as well as I was left with a dull flavor that was more savor cardboard. I did not like the cinnamon flavored candies as much as I hoped I would.

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