The delivery service was busy

There was a major mix-up at the marijuana shop so I didn’t get our order until 24 minutes later.

I went online to order from the marijuana dispensary as well as the delivery service.

There are two menus for the online delivery services. One menu is an on demand menu that is available between 45 minutes to 1 hour. The other menu is for next day delivery. The prices on that menu are significantly lower, because the delivery service can work ahead for the orders as well as deliveries. Each of the cannabis products are about 15% higher in the on-demand menu. I really didn’t mind paying the extra 15 percent on Friday when I got paid. I made sure to select the on-demand menu tab. The whole time I was making our order online, I could see the on-demand menu button in the corner. I am 100 percent sure that I was using the right order form. Still, I ended up being busy for the next day. When I called a few minutes later to find out why I did not receive our delivery yet, I found out the disappointing news. It was too late in the night that I couldn’t get our delivery on the same day. It was late as well as all of the delivery drivers had left the store. The supervisor for the marijuana dispensary as well as delivery service gave me a discount on our order, apologized, then added extra pre rolls the next day when the order was finally delivered to our home. I can’t be too upset, because the supervisor really did everything in his power to make me more ecstatic.


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