The last of the deliveries was way out west

I had to work late on Friday as well as I was a single of the last drivers at the store.

A client called for delivery right around 9:50.

Ed and I stopped taking delivery orders online at 10:00. Occasionally Ed and I stop answering the iPhones earlier, but the supervisor told me to answer the iPhone when it rang a few minutes before the hour. I had everything in stock, so the client acquired their order that night. I was the only delivery driver left in the store. I set up the delivery as well as all of the items in the shopping bag. The last delivery was way out west. It was about a 13 mile round trip to the home’s address. I knew that the next driver that came to the store would be responsible for taking the next cannabis order. Unfortunately, the next driver had car trouble as well as the other two men who were going to the other side of town. My boss asked me to take the delivery instead. I didn’t want to make that trip in our truck, because it uses a lot of gas. The boss told me that he would give me a few dollars extra out of his pocket to cover the extra gas in our truck. I agreed to take the marijuana delivery to this customer. It was late, foggy, as well as the rain was starting to fall as I pulled up to the driveway of the customer. The guy was legitimately thankful that every one of us made the delivery that eve as well as he gave me a $20 tip. I’ll never complain again when the boss asks me to take a delivery. That a single tip was crucial enough to make up for the others.


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