I intended to spend the day fishing at the river

Every time I have one day off, our brother Al calls me with a problem.

Al only calls me, because I work as a supplier. Al purchased an apartment that has a lot of problems as well as he calls me at least once each day. I wanted to spend all day on Monday fishing, but Al would not let me get any rest. My iPhone rang around breakfast time as well as I told Al that I was going to the river to spend the day trying to get a largemouth bass. Al was having trouble with the gas furnace as well as he wanted me to help him out. I was on our way to the marijuana dispensary at that time, so I told Al to call someone else. I was in the marijuana dispensary for about thirty or forty minutes picking out all of the supplies that I wanted. I got a couple of special things for the day. I found two infused pre-rolls as well as I also purchased a gram of bubble hash. I purchased a more current glass bowl as well as two containers of cones. When I got out of the marijuana dispensary, I had a bunch of missed calls from our brother. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to put Al off. I couldn’t ignore all of the calls when he rang that numerous times. I texted Al to see what was going on as well as he immediately called. I planned to smoke a marijuana joint by the river, but I smoked it on the way to Al’s locale instead. I spent the whole day helping Al out instead of enjoying a day at the river.