Marijuana is a big help in my recovery from injury

I can’t begin to explain just how thankful I am that my physical therapist encouraged me to get a medical marijuana card.

I have been in a really bad car accident that left me with all kinds of injuries. And quite honestly, I was leaning on the pain medications far too much. I was even taking those pain medications prior to physical therapy appointments. I needed them just to get through each session. My physical therapist saw right through all that and confronted me about my pain medication use. We had a very frank discussion about all the people she had watched become dependent on pain meds. What’s more is that in using those pain medications during my physical therapy kept me from getting the most out of those sessions. That discussion led me to quickly get a medical marijuana card and I got to the local cannabis dispensary. At my local cannabis spot I was in great hands. The staff was so educated and expert. They were also super compassionate and helpful. The staff at the local cannabis spot were able to get me the sort of cannabis products that would help my situation. I use indica strains for more of the body stuff. It helps with inflammation, pain management as well as gives me a boost when it comes to range of motion. Additionally, I don’t experience the muscle spasms after physical therapy the way I did prior to using the cannabis products. However the sativa strains are really more for my state of mind and help me maintain a positive perspective. I’m so thankful to my physical therapist for being honest and straightforward with me. Otherwise, I think I could have become quickly addicted to the pain medications.

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