I’m an athlete with cannabis

Most people that guess me guess that I’m a full time athlete.

I make our living athletically as I’m a volleyball player.

But our life sure doesn’t look adore I’m a professional athlete, i have a 20 year ancient truck as well as I live in a small more than one bedroom house. I also toil a afternoon job teaching volleyball; So life as a pro volleyball player is not all that glamorous, and but I get to do what I adore as well as I get paid so there are benefits, but when I tell people that cannabis products are also part of our fitness regimen, I get some pretty strange looks, then however, I use both indica as well as sativa products in our health as well as wellness regimen, and recreational marijuana is integral to making sure that I’m at our best, then and marijuana products do this in numerous ways; Thankfully for me, I have a neighbor who works in the cannabis dispensary as well as certainly knows his stuff. I was struggling with an injury that I couldn’t quite get rid of. Mostly, it was due to flexibility as well as muscle spasms. My neighbor turned me on to the fact that indica products are very beneficial with injuries adore the one I had, however using the indica strains I got from our buddy’s marijuana business, I was able to get far more out of our physical therapy. I no longer had the fear of cramping as well as spasms as well as our range of motion was extended greatly. So I shall keep playing volleyball professionally as well as teaching it for as long as I possibly can. I adore what I do as well as I’m very grateful to cannabis products for helping me continue being the best volleyball player I can be.

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