Getting our mother into cannabis now

When I was 15 our mother found a box of our marijuana stuff.

I had cannabis flower and a bong hidden under our bed.

I remember she ripped myself and others a new a single and threw all our stuff away. At that time cannabis was considered the worst drug for youngsters to get into. She told myself and others how I was going to turn into a drug addict and our life would be a mess… Well fast forward over ten years later and now cannabis is legal in our state. The medical wonders of cannabis have been brought to light. My mother is going through menopause and it is taxing on her. The overheated flashes and the lack of sleep are killing her. I did some research and found that cannabis entirely can help, cannabis is known to reduce the amount of overheated flashes and help a lady to relax at night for sleep. I talked to our mother about it and she was more than willing to try. All of us have come so far. She went from telling myself and others cannabis is the worst thing ever to saying that she would literally smoke anything to make her menopaUSl symptoms better. Since medical and recreational cannabis is legal, the multiple of us were able to walk right in the dispensary. The budtender was good at finding what product would work best for our mother, she even got her an oil that she can just put in her root beer at night rather than smoke it. It absolutely makes our mother assume more comfortable to hide the cannabis.



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