I drive to get my meds

The marijuana delivery located in the city is almost a fourth away from me.

  • They will supply as long as I drive 25 minutes into the next nearest city.

I am technically out in the sticks. There is only 1 single light in this city and a single gas station. When I meet the marijuana delivery repair driver, I travel to the nearest city location for both of us which is about 20 minutes away. I usually go to the mall. There is a restaurant that is very abandoned and it is located legitimately close to the mall entrance. The restaurant was apparently there for almost 30 years, so almost everyone knows the landmark. I first ordered a bunch of stuff from the marijuana delivery repair this weekend. They actually were having an immense sale for the holidays. Every single order was eligible to save 30% off. I mean, 30% savings is practically like not having to pay any tax at all on my purchase. I went a little bit crazy and bought eight individual grams of live resin concentrate, along with numerous ounces of marijuana flower. I also got a couple of edibles and a chocolate bar, to round it out. The total for my order was just under $200. I waited in the parking lot of the restaurant for the cannabis delivery driver. I arrived before he did, so I was ready and waiting when the marijuana deliverer showed up. Everything in the container was respected and there was even a nice, fat, free 1 gram pre roll, because I spent more than $100.


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