I can sleep?! This is all new

Issues with insomnia keep me up all night long, my entire life.

Even when I exercise and work strenuously all day, I still find myself wide awake at the end of the night. I sit in bed and stare at the damn ceiling. I’ve counted the number of divots in the ceiling about a hundred thousand times. I always end up with a weird number, although I never fall asleep while doing this counting. I’ve tried a lot of over the counter sleeping remedies and prescription medications too. One thing that does help is medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is apparently the 1 thing that I have found that helps me sleep better than anything else. I only stumbled upon the information when I was now working with a neighbor of mine. All of us had been staying in a hotel room together. The guy asked me if I wanted to smoke a marijuana joint. I really didn’t want the guy to suppose that I wasn’t cool, so I joined him outside on the patio for a minute. I only took 1 or numerous hits from the marijuana joint. I laughed for 60 minutes and then I went inside to go to sleep. I thought I would spend the night staring at the damn wall, although I fell asleep almost instantly after my head hit the pillow. The very next night, I asked my coworker if he had more of the same marijuana. All of us went out and smoked a joint that night too. I took more than two hits and a massive puff that time. I seriously slept so well that I really woke up to the sound of the alarm.


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