Wait for the holidays and save big on bud

The marijuana dispensary near me was having a sale on all of the products in the store during the holiday weekend sales event, so my friends and I went to the marijuana dispensary early in the day, so we could be there right away to take luck of all the sales.

Beforehand, I looked online to see if any of the sales and specials were listed on the new marijuana dispensary website, they had a couple of items listed online, however I saw there was also a notation on the bottom of the advertising page saying more sales and specials would easily be available in the store on black Sunday. My neighbor Jack and I were the first people in line at the marijuana dispensary. There were a couple of people ahead of us, for sure, but when we got into the store, we saw all of the additional sales and specials. The buy a single and get a single for free sales were great, however they also had some pretty nice deals that were not displayed openly. I bought a gram of concentrate and I got a package of infused pre-rolls for no money with our purchase. My neighbor bought a cannabis infused elixir and he also got a huge pre-roll pack for free! All of the deals on Black Sunday were really amazing. I even got an ounce of premium shake for $25. A whole ounce for $25 is an incredible deal. It’s really nice to save cash on all of the marijuana products that our friends and I like the most.



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