The water didn't leave a good taste in my mouth

I’ve tried a lot of unusual products available from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. Edibles are a pretty easy and flavorful way to consume marijuana. Edibles come in a variety of unusual forms, like chocolate, candies, gummies, tinctures, elixirs, and beverages. The marijuana dispensary near me actually has a refrigerator in the lobby with many unusual kinds of infused marijuana products. Whenever I was in the dispensary last, I noticed a new product that was 20% off. The cannabis infused water was from a new manufacturing business that I did not recognize. The label stuck on the bottle was psychedelic and full of vibrant colors. I was instantly attracted to this new cannabis infused water. There were many flavors in the refrigerator. I decided to try the strawberry hibiscus. The cucumber lime flavor actually sounded nice too, but I thought I would be safest with strawberry for a first trial. The cannabis infused water turned out to be a major dud. The flavor of the water was honestly nothing like I expected. I did not taste cannabis at all and the flavor of the water was weirdly floral. All I could taste was plants and it wasn’t marijuana. I took the bottle back to the pot dispensary and they provided me with store credit. That’s a single thing that I actually appreciate about the dispensary near me. I returned the empty bottle, complained, and got an unusual product in exchange.
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