We might as well hit up the dispensary

There are better deals on marijuana flower if you go to the city, we’ve found.

There are more dispensaries in the city, so the prices have to be more highly competitive. At home, I can’t find an ace of marijuana flower for less than $45. It’s also sungrown marijuana for that price.Some of the best marijuana strains at the dispensary are from sun grown farms, actually, instead of indoor hydroponic grown marijuana farms. But some of it is not good quality. My bestie and I went to the town to go to a concert. I said we should go ahead of time, so we could visit the dispensary before the concert. My bestie and I left the home with time to spare. Both of us went right to the dispensary as soon as we arrived. The dispensary was having a crucial sale on all of the fifths of marijuana flower. My bestie and I grabbed a couple of fifths of marijuana flower for less than $10 each. Some of the strains were actually grown indoors and some were grown outside, however even the fifth of marijuana that were only $15 each were over 30% THC. I picked out many unusual types of marijuana to take back home. Both of us put the bin of marijuana supplies in the trunk of the car – I was paranoid that someone was going to break into our car and steal the marijuana supplies that we had just purchased. My bestie thought I was being weird, however she let me put the bin in the trunk so I wouldn’t be concerned during the show.



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