I just had the best weekend of my life

I clocked out of work on a Thursday, and I was stoked about having a three day weekend with nothing to do.

I just wanted to chill out, get high and drunk, and watch some sports.

On my way out the door, the boss handed me an envelope with some cash in it. Apparently my last raise had been applied incorrectly. The accounting department found that I had been underpaid by $200. With a little extra money I decided to buy some scratch off lottery tickets, something I hardly ever do. Guess what? I won $500 from the scratcher! I took my winnings and drove to the nearest liquor store, then hit the cannabis dispensary. Much to my shock and amazement, the cannabis dispensary was offered a massive BOGO deal for many of their products. This was a chance to double my money – the whole day kept paying off for me! I was able to purchase four times more cannabis than I normally did, enough for a whole month or more. I also bought myself a new water bong, a few packs of rolling papers, and a package of cannabis edibles. That whole weekend was spent just how I wanted, with me sitting on the couch chain-smoking cannabis and watching football games for hours on end. I am set for cannabis for several weeks, and I still have the original $200 I got from work that I can put in the bank and use responsibly. I’m not even bummed about going back to work, because this was the best weekend ever.