Using cannabis to stop drinking booze

It occurs to me that I am trading one bad habit for another, but I don’t care.

Although liquor and weed are both considered bad habits, I think one of them is a lot more dangerous than the other. If I am only going to have one bad habit, I don’t think it should be whiskey. Liquor is dangerously addictive, and it slowly destroys your liver and your overall health. I decided to wean myself off of alcohol by ramping up my cannabis use temporarily. I knew this could work, because many years ago I used cannabis to help me stop smoking cigarettes. At the time I was smoking a pack a day of menthols, so before I quit I bought a quarter pound brick of cannabis. I rolled dozens of marijuana cigarettes, and then threw away the menthols. Anytime I craved a smoke I would light up a joint and pretty soon the marijuana would make me forget about wanting a cigarette. After a month of that I stepped down my cannabis use to a more reasonable level and went on with my life. I am saving up for another quarter pound brick of cannabis so I can try to do it again, this time with drinking alcohol. I am not 100% sure it would work, or if cannabis will curb the withdrawal symptoms from lack of booze. I will need to smoke a lot of cannabis in the next month, but if all goes according to plan then I will eventually step my usage back down to a manageable level.

Purple haze