Weed has helped me so much

I am not arguing that weed cures depression or anxiety issues.

When it comes to mental health there is no “magic bullet” or medicine that is guaranteed to help.

Psychology and mental health are called the Soft Sciences, because unlike math and physics there are no rules. Doctors learn new things about mental health every year. I am not telling you what is going to work for your issues, but I would like to explain what helped with my issues. Medical cannabis has been a game-changer for me, and allowed me to better manage my depressive episodes. The biggest factor about cannabis is how it calms my anxious feelings. Once I get into a bad mood I tend to spiral out of control, but smoking medical cannabis puts a stop to it. When I smoke the right kind of cannabis I feel relaxed, my mind wanders, and before too long I forget that I was feeling so anxious. Cannabis is not a cure for anxiety, but in all my years nothing has helped curb it quite like this. I have been told by my friend Elle that this is called a “distraction technique.” Smoking cannabis serves as a distraction from focusing on my troubles, which lessens their impact on me. I know that cannabis won’t cure my problems, but it does help me manage them better than ever before. Another aspect of cannabis that is important to me is that it is non-addictive. I never need to worry about getting addicted to cannabis, because science has shown that is impossible.

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