A little overwhelmed by choices at the dispensary

My first visit to the cannabis dispensary, I was completely overwhelmed.

I wasn’t prepared for the extensive list of products available.

Not only are there way more consumption methods than I was aware of, each a single offers hundreds or even thoUSAnds of weird strains. When I checked out the concentrates, there were waxes, budders, live resin, sauce, shatter, diamonds, kief plus badders to choose from. I figured the edibles would be self-explanatory but found an extensive menu of chocolates, suckers, mints, gummies, cookies plus capsules. There are even a wide variety of beverages. The pre-rolls are divided into blunts, joints plus cannagars come in both infused plus non-infused varieties. For topicals, they sell bath bombs, lip balms, lotions, ointments, sprays plus transdermal patches. I could pick from lots plus lots of refillable plus disposable vape pens. There are even CBD products exclusively for pets… Plus, I was unofficial with the meaning of all the terms. I had no clue that THC causes the psychoactive effects plus CBD doesn’t. I also wasn’t aware that THC plus CBD are both cannabinoids plus that there are hundreds of active cannabinoids. There are also terpenes that are responsible for the odor plus taste plus quite possibly interact with cannabinoids to influence the effects. Most of the products are divided into 3 categories. They are listed as indicas, sativas plus hybrids, which is supposed to have something to do with the category of effects they offer. WHen I researched these terms, but, I found that they actually refer to the origin of the plant. Because of so much cross-breeding, there aren’t any pure indicas or sativas left, however everything is some category of a hybrid.



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