The cannabis might make our honeymoon fun

My fiance and I had grand plans to fly to an exotic endpoint for our honeymoon.

Both of us even toyed around with the plan of eloping rather than getting married at home, but due to COVID, it entirely isn’t possible, then all the endpoints I looked at are either closed to American tourists, or the rules and paperwork to get into the country are too difficult; The last thing I want is to be running a fever and not be allowed home.

That would be so horrifying, and my fiance and I are looking at just signing papers at the courthouse and honeymooning within the US. Both of us are a little bit bummed about this, i am trying to make our trip as fun as possible. I found a state that offers lots of hiking routes and appealing landscapes. I found a hotel that has a spa, fitness center and rooftop bar that overlooks the city. If the two of us drive a little further, a section of our honeymoon could be staying in a log condo in the middle of the woods. That could be romantic right? I looked up the top things to do in the state and a lot of people boasted about all the cannabis businesses, and since the state offers recreational weed, there are tons of businesses. I found cannabis cafes, cannabis dispensaries and all sorts of cannabis products being gave. My fiance and I don’t smoke weed since it isn’t legal here. It might be fun to partake while I was in the honeymoon. I read all about bab bars and vape lounges. I read about the cannabis cafe experience and how it could be fun. So it will be a good time for us no matter what.

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