I like the way I’m treated in the local cannabis spot

I guess I’m just really lucky that my local cannabis spot is the best cannabis dispensary in town.

I think maybe that has something to do with the fact that it was the first one to open when medical marijuana first was legalized.

The folks that run this marijuana business run it with a passion and a desire to serve people who both enjoy or need cannabis products. When it was just medical marijuana, this cannabis dispensary held all sorts of events in order to help those who would benefit from medical marijuana. The marijuana business was new then and so many people didn’t understand just how to go about getting a medical marijuana card. This cannabis dispensary helped them do that. Now that recreational marijuana is legal, there are many other cannabis dispensaries getting into the marijuana business. But my local cannabis spot is the only place that I really like to shop. And that’s because these folks really cater to me and want me to get the sort of cannabis products that I like. The staff at the local cannabis spot is always on the lookout for new cannabis strains that they think I might like. And I’m always welcomed by name and in a welcoming, personal sort of way. This sets my local cannabis spot apart from all the other cannabis dispensaries in town. And that’s why I won’t shop for my sativa strains for sale at any other cannabis dispensary. I’m simply so happy with the fact that I get treated so well at my local cannabis spot.


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