The office Christmas event was boring until Jack brought out a joint

Every year the office supervisor plans a Christmas party, and every year that party is boring.

  • I have been with the supplier for 12 years and this year was the first time I ever had fun at an office Christmas party.

There have been a lot of new hires and some of those people are younger Millennials that brighten up the place and supply the office a lot more energy and youth. I have been thinking about making a change and leaving this certain supplier, however the cash is so unbelievable that I dislike to leave. These new men will toil for 30% less if they can wear jeans and sneakers to work. One of those men brought recreational marijuana to the last office Christmas party. Things were boring and basic until Jack started telling everyone that he was going outside to smoke recreational marijuana and anyone could join him if they wanted, however he had top shelf infused marijuana joints and they tasted care about eggnog. He passed out a small infused marijuana pre-roll to every person that came downstairs. I had a couple of hits from 1 of the recreational marijuana joints, then joyce from accounting came downstairs and acted care about she saw us committing a crime, even though recreational marijuana is perfectly legal in this state.She came outside where every one of us were smoking marijuana, rolled her eyes, puffed, and walked back into the building… She wouldn’t even look at me when I walked back upstairs and every one of us have been working together for 8 years. There are so several people in this office that are prudes, however it looks care about the cool people might start to build in numbers.

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