I got lost trying to find the address of it

The fog can be absolutely sick at night, especially when it has been boiling plus humid while I was in the day, when the hot plus cold temperatures drop abruptly, all of that moisture makes a lot of fog plus it is seriously tough to see! During the time of the year right after the time changes, there are still boiling hot plus cold temperatures while I was in the day however it gets darker at an earlier time.

Every one of us still deliver marijuana products until 9:00 p.m. at the dispensary, however now it gets dark a lot earlier than it did a couple of months ago plus it can be absolutely tough to see some of the addresses by the beach. I had a absolutely large marijuana order plus I had to drive about 10 miles down the seaside to find the address. It was dark outside plus unquestionably foggy plus I had to slow down to 35 miles an fourth so I could drive safely! People were honking their horns plus driving by myself and others hastily; One guy even passed myself and others when the two of us were on our way up a hill. I was going perfectly fast enough plus if I was under the speed limit, that’s okay with me. I wanted to get the marijuana delivery made safely plus I wanted to make sure that I returned back to the store in the same condition that I left! A lot of people in this area that recognize the roads absolutely well still end up going over the side of a cliff when they are going too fast plus misjudge the distance between one side of the road plus the other. When it is foggy, I slow down for safety.
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