The advertising budget was significant this past year

Looking at all of the budget expenditures this year makes me want to throw up.

Both of us spent a ton of currency on frivolous things that the supplier did not need.

That currency could have gone to better use in other ways, and our advertising budget was through the roof. Both of us spent more than $125,000 this year only on advertising one single medical marijuana product. This medical marijuana product is one of the newest strains available on the market plus I wanted to be the first person to offer it for sale in the dispensary. I had to pay a fortune to procure all of the rights to the marijuana strain to sell it exclusively in our dispensary. I thought that this was going to get customers coming into the door plus spending more currency, however the cost for advertising does not equal sales. Both of us are way above budget plus there is no one to blame for all of the concerns except me. It was a bad decision to put all of our eggs into a single tote plus next year I will have a lot less currency to spend on advertising the medical plus marijuana dispensary. I will have to rely on word of mouth plus sales plus specials just appreciate some of the other marijuana shops in this area. Both of us are still going to have one pretty giant sale before the end of the year plus that will be black Friday, but everyone is going to have giant sales plus hopefully our repeat customers will come here before they go to any of the other marijuana dispensaries.

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